Versatile Beach Umbrella

Having the right sun protection is very important. Excess sun exposure leaves you open to sun burns, heat strokes, and heat exhaustion. When you head to the beach this summer you need more than just sun screen to protect your skin. You need a Morshade, it’s the most versatile beach umbrella on the market!

Other beach umbrellas are small, stationary, and only offer 4 feet of temporary coverage. The Morshade gives you fully customizable comfort from sun up til’ sun down! This versatile beach umbrella has a 9 foot sun proof, waterproof, and wind resistant umbrella head! It’s attached to a locking tilt mechanism which can be placed at a 45 to -45 degree angle giving you full control of your sun coverage. Also adjustable, the telescopic base pole can be moved up or down with a simple twist!

Hauling heavy sun shades to the beach is a thing of the past! The Morshade is so easy to take with you on the go! The versatile beach umbrella folds down into two lightweight carrying cases weighing only 22 lbs. combined! No more pushing and shoving to pack all of your gear in the car! It’s compact and fits comfortably into any vehicle’s cargo hold!

It’s more than just a versatile beach umbrella, anywhere you go your Morshade can go too! It has a variety of anchoring options that make spending time outdoors luxurious!

Your anchoring options include:

  • Sand Anchors (beach)
  • Ground Spikes for solid ground (park, yard, campground, ball fields)
  • Ratchet Strap for flat surfaces (picnic tables, benches, bleachers)
  • Concrete Anchors and Wooden Lag Bolts (patio, deck, dock, pool deck, porch)
  • Vertical Surface Anchor (trees, light poles, posts, railing)
  • Hitch Receiver and RV Bumper adaptor ( SUV, pickup truck, camper, RV)

Enjoy your summer to the fullest with a Morshade! This versatile beach umbrella will revolutionize the way you relax outdoors!

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