The Ultimate Wind Resistant Beach Umbrella

The sun, sand, and surf are calling you! It’s time to start planning your beach getaway! Unfortunately you can’t plan for weather conditions. Unexpected wind can make even the most beautiful beach day a miserable wash! Don’t let a strong breeze stop you- get a Morshade! The revolutionary wind resistant beach umbrella is the must have beach accessory!

Beach umbrellas are known for being flimsy and unreliable so we’ve engineered the Morshade to be the ultimate wind resistant beach umbrella! Offering 9 feet of sun coverage (more than double the average of 4 feet) the umbrella head is made of UVA/UVB blocking, waterproof, and ultra-wind resistant material! It’s attached to a tilt mechanism which locks firmly in place at a 45 to -45 degree angle depending on your desired level of sun exposure. Also adjustable, the telescopic base pole moves up and down with a simple twist giving you fully customizable comfort!

If you’ve ever had to set up a sun shade at the beach on a windy day, you know how difficult and potentially dangerous it can be! When you don’t anchor your sun shade down properly, the wind can pick it up and injure you or someone you love! With a Morshade a windy day is nothing more than nature’s air conditioning!  Simple to set up and to break down, the compact and light weight wind resistant beach umbrella anchors down quickly and reliably, even on the windiest of days!

The Morshade isn’t just designed for the beach! It’s a wind resistant umbrella for lift on-the-go! It comes with a variety of anchoring options to meet your needs wherever you are!

  • Sand Anchors (beach)
  • 10” Ground Spikes (solid ground; park, yard, ball field, camp ground)
  • Ratchet Strap (flat surfaces; picnic tables, benches, bleachers)
  • RV Bumper Adapter & Hitch Receiver(SUVs, pickup trucks, RVs, campers)
  • Vertical Surface Attachment (trees, light poles, railing, posts)
  • Wooden Lag Bolts & Concrete Anchors (deck, pool deck, dock, patio)

Without the ultimate wind resistant beach umbrella, your outdoor life will be miserable! When you have a Morshade you can relax in style and live life to the fullest!

Get Morshade Beach umbrella today!