The Ultimate Portable Beach Shade

Imagine your perfect beach day… Beautiful waves, white golden sand, and plenty of sun… Now let reality sink in. When you plan a beach day anything can happen! Scalding hot sun will burn your skin and will make the sand unbearable! If you’re beach bum at heart you need a Morshade! It’s the only portable beach shade that can make any day the perfect beach day!

Specifically designed with your comfort in mind, the ultimate portable beach shade gives you luxury coverage all day long! The 9 foot sun proof, wind resistant, and waterproof umbrella head is attached to a tilt mechanism which locks in place at a 45 to -45 degree angle! It’s also height adjustable! The telescopic base pole moves up and down with a simple twist!

When you have a Morshade you’ll never struggle to carry and set up your portable beach shade! The Morshade folds down into two lightweight carrying cases weighing only 22 lbs. combined! Cargo space in your vehicle will never be a problem! This amazingly portable beach shade is compact and fits into any vehicle’s cargo hold! And the set-up is quick and easy! All it takes is one person and a couple of minutes!

This amazing umbrella is so much more than a portable beach shade! You can take it anywhere! It’s unique and patented design works with a variety of anchoring option!

  • Ground Spikes (solid ground: park, yard, ball field)
  • Sand Anchors (beach)
  • Ratchet Strap (flat surfaces: benches, picnic tables, bleachers)
  • RV Bumper Adapter and Hitch Receiver (towing vehicles: SUV, RV, pickup truck, camper)
  • Wooden Lag Bolts and Concrete Anchors (pool deck, dock, deck, patio)
  • Vertical Surface Attachment (trees, light poles, railings, posts)

From mountainous campgrounds to glorious beaches and even your own backyard, this portable beach shade gives you all day comfort anywhere you go!