The Best Portable Umbrella

The Best Portable Umbrella Gives You Shade Everywhere!

We all love those sunny days where we can spend some quality time outside. Whether you’re in a park or on the beach or even out camping, sunny days are always a welcomed. However, there comes a point when the sun is simply too much to handle.

For the most part, people tend to bring umbrellas with them wherever they go. However, these bulky and rigid devices in most cases cause more problems than it solves. The sheer size of your typical outdoor umbrella makes it difficult to take with you and setting it up can be a major hassle. A slight gust of wind knocks it over and takes everything with it; food, drinks and even a few unfortunate bystanders.

With the world getting “smarter” every day, it is a wonder that nobody has thought of innovating the outdoor umbrella. Fortunately, we’re not the only people who noticed this and finally the best portable umbrella now exists!

The Company behind the Best Portable Umbrella

The company, eloquently named MorShade, took your typical outdoor umbrella and turned it into an all purposed “Swiss Army Knife” in the world of portable umbrellas.

The company found that your traditional outdoor umbrella fails to provide adequate shade throughout the day. In most cases, these umbrellas are static and perhaps has a “slight inclination” to provide angled shade, however it simply isn’t enough to deal with the rotation of the sun.

Most people remedy this by merely moving to another spot where the shade is hitting, however when we’re talking about a full picnic table of people, there comes a point where ‘no more space’ is available.

This is why MorShade created a unique umbrella that has the possibility of a 45-degree tilt and is omnidirectional. That’s just a fancy word for saying “It can turn in any direction.

More importantly, this umbrella can connect virtually anywhere you’d like, whether it’s on a picnic table, in the ground or even hooking it up to the back of your truck. This gives you flexibility and allows you to take your shade with you wherever you go.

The Hitch Receiver or RV Bumper

One of the most amazing features of the MorShade umbrella is that you can hook it up to the back of a pickup truck, camper, motor home, SUV and at any work site you might find yourself at. The Umbrella comes equipped with a special adaptor you can hook up to your hitch receiver. The ‘shade pole’ can be inserted in many different configurations, meaning you can position your umbrella perfectly to block out the rays of the sun.

The hitch accessories come in two different sizes, 2” and 4”. This means that it can fit on trucks of any size as well as campers.

Now you can simply drive up to whatever spot suits your fancy, and have shade instantly with this sturdy attachment. This is perfect for those who love to explore the great outdoors and go to places that aren’t your typical camping spots.

In addition, hooking this up to a camper provides you with an insane amount of shade. You could easily provide enough shade for everyone in your convoy with one of these amazing umbrellas. If you’re frequently outdoors or travel by camper…then the MorShade umbrella is going to radically change your life for the better.

Hooking an Umbrella to a Vertical Surface?

There are times when your environment provides optimal solutions to your shade problems. For instance, if you go to the park and all the benches are taken…you’re only real solution is to go sit on the grass and bake in the sun.

Perhaps you brought your own umbrella with you, but setting it up can be complicated and in most cases, people simply lay the umbrella down on the ground opened-up, and huddle together to get as much shade as possible.

With the MorShade this isn’t a problem at all. If there is a light pole or a tree nearby, you can use it to sustain your umbrella. This is possible due to an innovative piece of technology called “The Tree Hugger”.

Essentially, this is a heavy duty “clamp” of some sort that is fastened by ratchet strips. Suddenly, this vertical surface becomes your anchor and you can have shade instantly.

I forgot to mention that the MorShade is super lightweight, making the assembly on a vertical surface a breeze.

A More permanent solution

Perhaps you have a patio where you’d like to have the MorShade in a more permanent setting. Regardless of the surface, whether wood or concrete, the MorShade can hack it. The base of the MorShade has both concrete and wooden anchors, meaning you can fasten it and it will never blow over.

This sturdy solution is the best way to install a portable umbrella in your backyard without having to do any type of construction. What’s even more impressive is that disassembly is just as easy, meaning that if you’d like to take your umbrella with you on an outing, you can take that “permanent solution” and quickly make it portable.

This is why many people refer to it as “The Best Portable Umbrella” because it virtually solves every problem that could arise with umbrellas.

Flat Surfaces

If you want to take the MorShade with you to the park, you won’t be able to drill holes in the picnic tables or in the concrete. However, with this amazing umbrella this isn’t necessary at all. You can install the MorShade on any flat surface.

Since this umbrella comes equipped with ratchet straps, the base has two points that can be secured by the straps. The table doesn’t require a hole of any kind, the umbrella sits firmly on the table and won’t move at all.

This feature is definitely a winner in the books of many outdoor enthusiasts. Most portable umbrellas require a hole in the table to work. If the table doesn’t have a hole in the center, you’re essentially screwed and will be left to whither and burn in the sun.

The mere fact that this isn’t required with the MorShade should convince most people that this is truly the best portable umbrella in the world!

What if the tables are full?

Let’s say that you go to the park and find that all the tables are occupied. You look around to see if a tree is available to hook your MorShade to. Every tree has been taken by doe eyed couples. This only leaves you with the grass.

So how does the MorShade remedy the grass dilemma?

With spikes of course! Most of the umbrellas out there only provides a bulky base to sustain the weight of the umbrella. The MorShade takes a page from the book of camping and uses spikes to secure the umbrella to the ground. The base has special holes designated for this.

This means that not only can you set up virtually anywhere, you don’t have to worry about the wind knocking the umbrella to the ground. This is something that most people have to deal with…not you…you’ve got a MorShade!

What about sand?

Grass can act as a decent anchor, however what about sand? When you’re on the beach, the sand isn’t very “dense” and while most people dig a hole for their umbrella to sit in, the wind usually knocks it over a few times during your stay

As mentioned, the MorShade comes equipped with spikes, but what I failed to mention earlier is that these spikes are 10” long. More importantly, when holes within the base of the umbrella designed for the spikes are made in such a way that you anchor the spikes at a 45-degree angle. These four spikes create an insanely sturdy anchor even in the sand.

No matter the amount of wind you’ll face that day, your MorShade won’t quit like the other umbrellas out there.

For most beach goers, this umbrella will be the long term shade solution they have been looking for so long. Winds at the beach can be quite fierce, however with the MorShade you’ll be able to be protected from the sun no matter how hard it blows.

Let’s talk about Portable

Your average umbrella is quite a bulky mess. Trying to squeeze everything into that one bag is just ridiculous. It takes you forever to dissemble the monstrosity and then carrying it is no pleasure at all. The reason the MorShade is the Best Portable Umbrella in the world is because apart from the above mentioned attributes, it’s incredibly easy to disassemble and highly portable.

Coming equipped with two carry cases, one for the umbrella and one for the accessories, there will be no more struggling to jam everything into one case. The umbrella itself is quite simple and simply needs to be closed to fit perfectly in the bag.

The accessory bag is designed to carry all of the accessories with ease. The entire set up is less bulky and in total only weighs roughly 22 lbs.

Comfort is an important element when you go outdoors. If you have to struggle with your equipment it diminishes the value of the experience you were aiming for. The people at MorShade understood that things have to be simple, easy to use and quick to arm. When they designed this umbrella, they were taking into consideration all the typical ‘problems’ people face with their portable umbrellas.

Many people have tried this umbrella and all express overwhelming enthusiasm to how simple it is.

Shade all day long

We’ve been comparing umbrellas but to be honest, there is no equal to the power of the MorShade. As mentioned earlier, this powerful umbrella comes with a 45-degree tilt mechanism which allows you to re-position the umbrella as the sun progresses through the sky. With eight durable powder-coated steel ribs and a sturdy lock mechanism, you won’t have to worry about wind knocking it over.

In order to make sure that the umbrella doesn’t waver under pressure at a 45-degree angle, the pole is secured by “toothed gears” which locks together and provides unparalleled firmness. The engineering behind this umbrella is what makes it the best portable umbrella in the world.

Another important feature that must be mentioned is the telescopic swivel pole. You can easily adjust the height and the rotation of the umbrella with a simple twist. This means that it doesn’t matter from which angle the sun is hitting you, you will always be able to adjust it to block those rays.

There really isn’t an umbrella in the world that compares to this marvel of modern engineering. It virtually solves every potential problem you might have with your typical umbrella.

A Product only as good as its word

Let’s say that you purchased a beach umbrella at some major retailer. For the most part, these items come at your expense regardless whether you like it or not. I find that a product is only as good as its promise which makes MorShade as good as it gets.

They offer a 30-day money back guarantee on this patented technology. This means that there are virtually no risks involved for you. You can try it out and if you don’t like it or it doesn’t live up to your expectations (it will definitely live up to your expectations) you can give it back and they will refund you in full.

I personally believe that nobody ever cashed in on the 30-day money back guarantee because this piece of hardware is just simply amazing. Most people who have purchased the MorShade find that the value of the umbrella surpasses the price tag and know that there are no other umbrellas out there that even come close to the sheer power of the MorShade.

What’s included?

There are two models available when purchasing a MorShade. You have the 180º model and the 360º model. Between the two models there are only a $60 difference which is why most people opt in for the 360º version.

What you’ll get when buying a MorShade is the following:

  • Ratchet Strap
  • Four Ground Spikes
  • Four Sand Anchors
  • Four Wood Lag Screws
  • Four Concrete Anchors
  • 4lb portable base
  • Carry bag
  • 45º tilt
  • Telescopic adjustable hand wrench
  • Telescopic straight pole
  • Telescopic 45º bent pole (Only in 360º model)
  • Dual hitch accessory 2” Hitch or 4” Car Bumper (Only in 360º model)
  • Tree/Post Hugger (Only in 360º model)

As you can see there is a lot of accessories included to help you achieve the perfect shade from sunup till sundown. As mentioned, the 360º model comes with a bit more ‘spunk’ and for a little difference in price is the optimal choice for the serious outdoor enthusiast.

The Last Umbrella you’ll ever need!

One would think of umbrellas as just a “necessary evil” when going outdoors. If you want shade, you’ll have to lug that piece of steel with you and somehow find a way to steady it. However, most umbrellas are single-purposed, meaning that it is only designated for either the beach or the park. In turn, they are designed for these conditions.

However, with the MorShade you have a multi-purposed lightweight solution that works anywhere…even on vertical surfaces! Seriously, have you ever seen an umbrella just latch on to a tree whenever its needed? I didn’t think so.

Many people have experienced the joys of owning their own MorShade and can attest to the fact that this is the best portable umbrella on the market. Whether you’re a cross country traveler, or a serial picnicker, the MorShade will be there to give you shade wherever you go.

This lightweight and highly portable umbrella is the last umbrella you’ll ever need. Many campers now consider the MorShade a camping essential.

Trees or no trees, park bench or no park bench, wood, concrete, grass sand…the MorShade can tackle anything you throw at it. Please don’t physically throw things at it. It was just an expression. Nonetheless this definitely the best portable umbrella in the world and can withstand strong winds with ease.

Find out more!

While this dissertation of the MorShade was quite extensive and should have provided you with everything you need to know about the best portable umbrella on the market, you should definitely try it out for yourself.

As mentioned, this fantastic piece of hardware comes back with a money back guarantee, meaning that you can try it out and return it if you don’t like it. There are absolutely no risks involved, however I must warn you that the moment you own a MorShade, you’ll fall in love with all the flexibility it provides.

We’ve been waiting decades for someone to figure out the “umbrella dilemma” and finally we have the solutions we seek. I strongly advise you to check out the MorShade on their website and watch the videos to see this bad boy in action.

Say goodbye to your ‘shade related’ troubles for good when you get your hands on the MorShade. Click here Now to buy your Morshade