The Best Compact Umbrella

Are you tired of playing Tetris to fit all of your outdoor equipment in your vehicle? Have you ever hurt yourself trying to set up and break down your massive large area shade cover? The Morshade is the best compact umbrella and the solution to your back breaking problems! Its durability and conveniently portable design makes it the best compact umbrella found anywhere in the world!

When you’re an on-the-go recreational enthusiast, having as much extra space in your vehicle as possible is important. Along with your coolers, portable barbecue, chairs, etc. you might even have to find room for your kids, spouse, or other family members! Big bulky items are just a pain in the rear, throw out that big tent and get your family a Morshade!

Morshade umbrellas are dependable and versatile! No matter what outdoor setting you want to enjoy on your next outing, your Morshade is the best compact umbrella for the job! The Morshade comes complete with a wide variety of anchoring options.

Going to a ball game? The ratchet strap attaches to flat surfaces such as picnic tables, bleachers, benches, or even your tailgate.

Headed to the park? 10” ground spikes are included that easily secure your Morshade into solid ground.

Are you going to the big game and want to tailgate in the parking lot? The innovatively designed vertical surface attachment securely attaches to your nearest tree, post, railing, or light pole!

Would you like to relax on your deck? Wood lag bolts and concrete anchors come with your Morshade, making it a perfect shade cover for your dock, deck, or patio!

Going to catch some surf but you want a break from the sun? Take the best compact umbrella with you to the beach! Every Morshade comes with sand anchors, ensuring you reliable shade at your sandy get away.

Light weight, portable, and ready to ride with you anywhere, Morshades are the best compact