Throw Out Your Stationary Umbrella!

Enjoying your life outdoors shouldn’t be stationary! So why should your outdoor umbrella be? Top of the line and durably designed, the Morshade is unlike any umbrella you’ve ever seen before!

Stationary umbrellas only give you the best sun coverage at high noon when the sun is directly above the umbrella head. With a Morshade you’ll be covered from sun up ‘til sun down!

Over twice the size of the average stationary umbrella the 9 foot sun proof, waterproof, wind resistant, and UVA/UVB blocking umbrella head is attached to a 45 degree angle tilt mechanism.

This allows you to adjust the angle of the umbrella head from -45 to 45 degrees throughout the day, giving you maximum comfort and coverage!

In addition to adjusting the umbrella head, the base pole is telescopic; with a simple twist you can adjust the height to suit your changing needs.

Unlike a stationary umbrella, the Morshade is perfect for travel! The compact size and design make fitting your umbrella into your cargo hold a snap! No more pushing and shoving all of your equipment into the car!

It comes with two lightweight carrying cases with a combined average weight of only 22lbs!

Your Morshade comes with a variety of anchoring options and will securely lock in place wherever your heart desires!

Sand Anchors are great for the fun and sun on a beach day!

Ratchet straps for flat surfaces can be used on picnic tables and benches!

Ground spikes for solid ground are perfect for the ballfield or even your own back yard!

Wooden lag bolts and concrete anchors are designed for patios, pool decks, docks, and more!

The hitch receiver and RV bumper adaptor make road trips fun again!

You can even attach the Morshade to trees, light poles, posts, and railing with the patented vertical surface anchor!

Don’t let your stationary umbrella stop you from enjoying the outdoors! Get outdoor freedom with a Morshade and live your life to the fullest!

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