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MORSHADE 360 Patio & Portable BeachUmbrella Camping Sports Canopy Shelter 9FT with Multiple Base Stand Attachments- Hitch/RV.

360 DESCRIPTION – Flat Surfaces (Horizontal) + Vertical Surfaces (Tree, Post) + Hitch or RV Bumper

MORSHADE is not your traditional wimpy umbrella. Morshade focuses on function over fashion and simply works better than any shade you can buy. The versatile “go anywhere” universal base and extreme tilt dramatically changes the game. The patent pending design shatters the shortcomings experienced with traditional “ball and chain” umbrellas and canopies that ultimately fail during hot part of day and windy situations. Now you can experience abundant and stable shade in places you’ve never seen before – reliably anchored, hassle-free. For starters, its extreme 45 -90 degree tilt /telescopic design blocks the sun 100% to provide ALL DAY SHADE (not just 11-2PM) – without ever having to move your chair. Includes an easy to use base/stand so versatile and stable it performs like “tree roots” – will not blow over and withstands 20-30mph winds. Forget the days of traditional anchoring strategies that fail – no need to buy a heavy base, weights or table with center hole. Get MORVALUE for your hard earned money and shade with confidence.

Even portable to fit your mobile “go anywhere” lifestyle – use at home, patio, pool or take it anywhere. Ideal for camping, fishing, hunting, youth sports, travel ball, beach, picnics, lawns, park, pier, boat house, work sites or your tailgate party. Mounts insanely secure to a variety of horizontal and vertical surfaces never before possible – beach sand, bleachers, picnic table with no center hole, ground, or locks “rock solid” to concrete or wood surfaces around your pool or patio deck. Also mounts to 2” vehicle hitch or 4” RV Camper Bumper or vertically attaches to square or round objects like a tree, fence/marina post or light pole. No heavy base to lug around. The lightweight, yet rugged base (only 4 lbs) offers a variety of ways to attach and secure tightly for instant reliable shade. Finally, your own portable 9FT shade tree, mounted in a flash, anywhere to almost anything, that won’t blow over.

Includes convenient carry bag, plus all mounting attachments; ratchet strap, angled ground spikes & sand anchors, concrete anchors, wood lag screws, dual hitch accessory and tree/post hugger attachment. For the 1st time, experience unlimited ways to create insane shade, all day, in amazing places. COMMERCIAL GRADE – MORSHADE, ALL DAY, MORPLACES, MORSTABLE, MORVALUE for your dollar that doesn’t wind up in the trash can.


VERSATILE & PORTABLE- Variety of uses at home, patio, pool, youth sports, camping, fishing, tailgating, ballpark, work sites. 5ft carry bag makes transporting a breeze. Average carry weight only 22lbs (vs 40-50lb canopies). Innovative base with various mounting attachments provide new ways to shade anywhere on a variety of horizontal or vertical surfaces, hitch or RV bumper.

COMMERCIAL GRADE – 9ft Portable Umbrella, Steel Ribbed, Heavy Duty Steel Poles, Rust Resistant, Wind Vented. Innovative umbrella base and all mounting attachments for stable horizontal and vertical applications included. No need to buy extra heavy umbrella base. No table with center hole required STABLE- Base mounts like “tree roots” for superior wind resistance (20-30mph). Use the “Go Any Where” lightweight base with mounting attachments for permanent or semi-permanent applications.

Easy, secure attach options -ratchet strap, angled ground spikes & sand anchors, concrete anchors, wood lag screws, dual hitch for vehicle or RV camper bumper, tree/post hugger. Will not blow over in wind ALL DAY SHADE (not just 11-2PM)- 1st and only 45-90 degree industrial 5 position tilt head fully blocks sun. Eliminates “flip/flop” breakage found in traditional tilt umbrellas. Pulley system for easy opening assures no broken crank/rope in trash TELESCOPIC POLE – adjust length/height to further block the sun. Creates an abundant shade footprint no matter which way sun is facing. UPF 50+ maximum sun protection –blocks 99% of UV rays & water repellent.


  • 9-foot commercial polyester umbrella, 45-90 degree tilt, telescopic pole & umbrella base
  • 5 Position Tilt (0°, 22°, 45° horizontal direction) and 45- 90° (vertical) vs traditional 30° tilt
  • Pulley system for easy opening assures no broken crank/rope in trash
  • All mounting hardware attachments for permanent or semi-permanent setups:
  • 45 degree bottom bent pole for vertical mounting to tree/post or extends umbrella out from vehicle hitch or RV Camper Bumper for expanded shade space
    • (1) 6 foot ratchet strap
    • (4) 10-inch metal ground spikes (45 degree angle; not tip over – yet easy removal
    • (4) 24-inch sand anchor spikes (45 degree angle; will not blow away – yet easy removal)
    • (4) concrete anchors
    • (4) wood lag screws
    • Dual Hitch Accessory
    • 2” Vehicle Hitch
    • 4” RV Camper Bumper
    • Tree / Post Hugger Attachment
    • Round Objects 8” or larger
    • Square Objects (6×6 or 4×4 deck post
    • Portable 5ft Carry Bag with dual strap and parts bag make transporting a breeze
      • Average Carry Weight: Cary Bag with Umbrella/Poles (17lbs); with parts bag 22-25lbs, depending on accessories used
  • Warranty: 1YR

9 reviews for Morshade 360 – Tailgating, Home, Beach or Anywhere

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Camping Enthusiest

    I go camping almost every weekend during the summer. The Morshade 360 has become one of my most valuable and useful camping accessories. We don’t always get a campsite with trees, so we mount the Morshade 360 on the picnic table for an ample amount of shade or protection from the rain. We love the versatility that this product provides. The quality of the product is also top notch. I highly recommend this for every camping enthusiast!

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    If you do a lot of tailgating or traveling in an RV, it’s worth it to pay a little more for the 360 model because you get the hitch accessory and vertical attachment that be used on trees and posts. More places and ways to use the umbrella and saves on space.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Travel Smart

    Options, Options, Options, I was really excited for all the ways you can hook this umbrella up.

    Quality is great, box was a little damaged when it arrived but everything inside was in great shape.

    After a few minutes, we figured out all the mounts, like the trailer hitch mount it just looks like a great tailgater accessory.

    I would like to see more colors

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Fred Jackson

    I travel all over the U.S. in an Airstream travel trailer so shade is sometimes very hard to come by. I found that my Morshade 360 is very versatile in the many options for the setup but the one I found most useful was the ability to attach it to a Picnic table. Many RV parks and campgrounds have the tables but no umbrellas for them to provide shade. The 360 is high quality, reasonably priced and has been a very useful piece of equipment especially out west in the heat. I would recommend this product and already have to many fellow travelers.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Julie Boyce

    This umbrella has it all! Easy to transport and set up anywhere including a deck, truck bed, table, or tree you can use this umbrella literally anywhere! The Morshade 360 is sturdy in design and made from quality materials that will provide years of enjoyment. The tilt feature ensures you will have shade no matter where you are. If you are looking for a portable and durable umbrella the Morshade 360 is it.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    I am so excited to get a chance, to test and review this new MORSHADE 360 Degree Portable Shade Sports Umbrella. I spend lots of time out in the field,fishing ,hunting, testing products and am always looking for a shady spot, to get out of the beating sun for a while. This product has all of the accessories to mount it almost anywhere, you might need some shade, dock ,picnic table, pool,bleachers, RV bumper, truck hitch. The hitch mount ,allows you to have shade at the back of your truck, or in my case the back of my GMC Suburban. Shade material, provides UPF50+ ultraviolet protection , and is also water repellant. Umbrella is steel ribbed, powder coated and rust resistant. Umbrella tilts at 22.5* and 45*.Telescoping poles allow you to adjust, to perfect height for your comfortability. Product comes equipped with, 1-6′ foot rachet strap,wood lag screws.hex key wrecches for RV bumper ,4-10’inch ground spikes and 4-concrete anchors, for any mounting scenario. Product weighs 30# pounds and come with 2 carrying bags. All components of this product are made with quality and durability in mind. That is why I give this product my very highest recommendation for innovation,overall protection from sun and versatility in mounting I hope this review is entertaining and informative to readers. {FISHGRILLER APPROVED }

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Marisa MaCoot

    Love it ,I use at my kid game is very easy to set every Softball mom need to have it

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    All-In-One Outdoor Living

    I use this Morshad 360 on my dock all summer long work great as product description.
    Love it get to enjoy my kids in shade while they swimming.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mark Tucker

    So I’ve got to say that this is by far the BEST umbrella for my specific application. I am a mobile repair technician that works primarily outside from the back of my truck and Morshade 360 allows for a quick setup to provide me with the shade needed on a hot sunny Florida day. It is an absolute life saver out here in the sun! After speaking with Dave on the phone a couple of time regarding my application, he shipped out the umbrella as stated and I was able to start using right away. Very strong and durable in construction and stable in moderate wind. EXCELLENT product. Thanks Dave for all of your help.

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