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  • (4) 12,000 BTU stainless steel burners = 48,000 for over 600 degrees
  • 540 sq. inches + 150 sq. inch removable warming rack = 700 sq. inches cooking surface
  • (4) Porcelain Heat Diffusers above the 4 stainless steel burners for even heat distribution (avoid flare ups)
  • 2 piezo ignitors (in case one fails)
  • Porcelain coated interior for easy cleanup (yes, you can use a power washer)
  • Double layered walls for maximum heat efficiency
  • Bimetal dial thermometer
  • Oil / Grease Catch Pan (removable) for easy cleanup
  • 25,000 BTU cast iron burner (
  • 3 Levels (to help avoid potentially dangerous spills)
    • Upper : Skillet, Wok, Griddle for frying
    • Middle: Stews, Soups (simmer)
    • Lower: Boil Lobster, Shrimp, Fish, Corn, etc.
  • 6 gallon aluminum cauldron with perforated insert for boiling
  • Emergency Safety Shut Off Fuel Valve (open to close with quarter turn)


  • 6,000 BTU Stainless Steel Burner
  • Solid Steel Frame, Double Walls, (2) Exhaust /Smoker Vents
  • Silicone Door Gaskets
  • Electronic Ignitor
  • (4) Shelves: 12” Wide, 14” Long (removable)
    • 8 racks of ribs, 4 whole chickens, 4 pork butts
    • Bake casseroles, beans, biscuits, rolls, cookies, pizzas, etc.
    • Adjust from 180 – 425 degrees for smoking on low heat and baking on high heat
    • Top of smoker can be used to keep a serving platter warm
  • Large water pan for humidity to keep meat moist
  • Deep Cast Iron Chip Tray for smoking

VARIOUS KITCHEN CONFIGURATIONS (all within arm’s reach) and a total of 79,000 BTU’s:

  • Wide open (straight line formation)
  • V or U Shaped (secured by front locking wheels)


  • (2) 29” large stainless steel work tables (one on each side with tool hooks)
  • Large trash /garbage bag holder (convenient to help keep cooking area clean)


  • Removable 6” steel castor wheels with industrial ball bearings
  • Heavy duty winch with “auto-lift” and locking mechanism for safe transport utilizing vehicle suspension

ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES (included standard on any GoGalley purchase)

  • 6 gallon aluminum cauldron with strainer insert
  • Secure “tie down” cover straps provide “snug” fit for the road


  • Main unit is already fully assembled (ships on a single pallet)
  • Color pictures with easy to follow step by step instructions
  • Install hood and windscreen
  • Install lift arm with 4 heavy duty bolts (Allen wrench included)
  • Install grill drip pan and start cooking
    • Easy rolling and removable wheels to provide extra road clearance when transporting
    • Vinyl coated, water proof cover made from trap material used for hauling steel on flat beds
    • Night-time reflectors for safe transport

7 reviews for GoGalley Grill – SOLD OUT!

  1. Tom Rhone

    “As I’ve said before, these things are awesome!! I’m on the site tonight to order a third one for our cabin. People just rave over this grill no matter where we take it. We are looking forward to this summers travels with the grill and spreading the word about the best grill we’ve ever seen. Our first one is just as nice as the day I assembled it. A real quality product built to last. Many of our previous grills can barely last a season, this grill will be a part of our family and all of our summer celebrations for many many years to come. Look for us at many Jimmy Buffett concerts on the east coast this year! We’ll be the ones serving 100’s of pounds of cheeseburgers in paradise!! Thanks again GoGalley for an awesome product!!”
    Tom Rhone

  2. Derrick Rhodes

    “#1 GoGalley Portable Kitchen: It isn’t hard to find a product that will grill up some steaks in the tailgating lot, but suppose the menu includes smoked ribs, a fried turkey, and three dozen burgers. The GoGalley is a complete cooker that binds together a full sized 4-burner gas grill, 25,000 BTU sunken side burner, and 6,000 BTU box style gas smoker. Mounted on a mechanical winch, this cooker folds up into a box shaped unit that lifts up on the tailgate of most any vehicle at the simple push of a button, so it can be taken virtually anywhere. This is a highly unique product and certain to be the envy of all those others standing around the tailgating lot. This isn’t cheap … but for those you insist on being able to cook it all, anywhere, this is the only product of its kind on the market.”

  3. Pat McAllister

    “I was asked to host a tailgate of large proportions with a cooler full of meat, chicken, pork and sausage. My menu ranged from grilling flank steak, boiling beer brats, deep frying pork sliders, smoking brisket, pulled pork and a giant pot of homemade chili. Just to add to the mix we decided to throw in roasted jalapeño stuffed with sausage, grilled Asian asparagus, pork tenderloin and hot wings; there is no way I could have pulled all that off without a professional restaurant kitchen. Instead I performed all those recipes on one stand-alone unit the Gogalley Grill. I still can’t believe the performance Gogalley Grill gave me when it came to cook time, surface space and maintaining my heat source and it was easy to set up clean up hook up and transport. This grill is a cooking enthusiast dream on wheels; I would recommend it to all my friends, fellow chefs and self proclaimed tailgate kings!”

  4. Bill Bramley

    “I purchased the GoGalley last summer used it several times for family events but our main use is tailgating at Iowa Hawkeye football games. We park close to the stadium and park 4 motorhomes in a square and we all shared the GoGalley. We cooked everything you could think of this season and it was a hit with everyone and also atracted some attention by the stadium. We pull this behind our 40ft motor home and it hooks up and unhooks in minutes. I would recomend it to anyone its a well build great product we went to 7 home games this year each one is a 8 hour round trip and the GoGalley traveled great.”

  5. Jeffrey Palmer

    “We’ve had the Go Galley for several months now and primarily use it with our motorhome at tailgates and campsites. It is by far the most comprehensive, best performing portable cooking system I have ever used. For grilling, steaming, boiling, frying, baking, smoking and roasting, there is not another product that even comes close. The Go Galley always attracts crowds at sporting events, and people are constantly amazed at what all it does. Truly a great piece of professional equipment, highly recommended and worth every penny.”

  6. Jeff “Doc” Dockeray

    “For the past decade, many media outlets annually ask me for the very leading edge products industry. The criteria used is very different from culture to culture, and genre to genre. As a tailgate chef for many years, I always end up stating that ‘functionality” and “portability” remain the quintessential characteristics. GoGalley HITS THE MARK on both! An average upper crust tailgate for me means 5 or 6 courses that will be the highlight of gameday/raceday, and a cornacopia of cooking apparatus has historically been needed to meet that means. GoGalley gives me not just all the functionality I need, but also the “quality” in every aspect. A big pot of jambalaya, grilled marinated meats and vegetables, and a little Boston butt and many racks of ribs – now all done to perfection on 1 unit. GoGalley is now the centerpiece of my trips to the lot, and the party now comes to me like flies to a buglight. Tailgate Media Network has honored GoGalley with a “Best in Show” award this past year….and for a good reason! There is nothing on the market like a GoGalley – truly a “damn, I wish I had thought of that” jewel in our industry!”

  7. Craig “Meathead” Goldwyn

    “GoGalley is unlike any other grill in the world. It is a four burner gas grill with a serious side burner, and a built-in cabinet-style smoker/oven. Smoke your ribs, grill burgers, bake cookies, and fry a turkey, all in one portable unit. The whole shootin’ match folds up, attaches to a trailer hitch, and has a built-in hoist that lifts it up so you can haul it anywhere. Solidly built, it is a fine backyard setup, and it is the best rig I’ve ever seen for tailgating or camping.”

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