The Revolutionary Travel Sun Umbrella

Have you ever had a sun burn on vacation? They’re the worst! If you like to travel you need a Morshade! You’ll wish you had the revolutionary travel sun umbrella years ago!

Those travel sun umbrellas at your local megastore are pointless and poorly made! When it comes time to use it, they just can’t stand up to a little wind or rain! With a Morshade you’ll have all the coverage you need –any time – anywhere! The Morshade’s 9 foot sun proof, waterproof, and wind resistant umbrella head is attached to a tilt mechanism! It moves with the sun throughout the day, locking firmly in place at a 45 to -45 degree angle! The height is adjustable too! The telescopic base pole moves up and down with a simple twist!

Travelling is oh so easy when you have a Morshade! It folds down into two carrying cases weighing only 22 lbs. combined! Cargo space will never be an issue! The Morshade is compact and fits perfectly into any vehicle’s cargo hold!

This travel sun umbrella is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! Its patented multi-anchoring system gives you the freedom and comfort you’ve always dreamed of!

Have a family picnic! Ground spikes for solid ground firmly plant the Morshade at the park, in the yard, or at the ball field!

Relax on the patio! Wooden lag bolts and concrete anchors secure your umbrella to any dock, deck, patio, or pool deck!

Hit the beach! Sand anchors give you peace of mind while you’re lounging in the sand! The Morshade will never fly away or turn inside out!

Go on a road trip! The RV bumper adapter and hitch receiver gives you the shade you need when you’re on the road! It works with any vehicle equipped to tow (SUV, RV, pickup truck, or camper)!

Never be miserable in the stands again! A ratchet strap for flat surfaces secures the umbrella onto benches, bleachers, or picnic tables!

Go anywhere! The vertical surface attachment reliably locks onto trees, light poles, posts, railings, and more!

Life is more enjoyable with this revolutionary travel sun umbrella! Get yourself a Morshade and travel more comfortably than ever before!