Best Outside Umbrella for those Sunny Days

Everybody loves the sun. However too much sun can be a hassle. It has the ability to turn a nice day out into a terrible experience, especially if you end up being sun burnt all over. That’s why you need the best outside umbrella.

Whether you’re out camping or simply spending some quality time on the beach, having the right kind of umbrella can be a life saver.

There is no shortage of options when it comes to outside umbrellas, yet for the most part these antiquated hardware are typically very bulky and usually not very sturdy.

This is especially true when the umbrella is merely anchored into the ground.

A quick gust of wind could send your umbrella, along with many of your personal affects flying into the horizon where you’ll have to run frantically behind it to make sure it’s not lost forever.

One would think, that with all the innovations we are seeing every day that someone would think about using our modern technology to optimize this very basic item.

After all, people spend a lot of time in the sun and to truly experience relaxation the way it was meant to be, an umbrella is absolutely necessary.

That’s why we have been on the look-out for the best outside umbrella and found that there is one company that truly was able to create the best outside umbrella ever!

MorShade and the Best Outside Umbrella

If you invented the absolute best outside umbrella in the world, wouldn’t you also name your company MorShade?

This innovative company managed to create an umbrella so versatile that you can virtually use it everywhere you choose.

MorShade set out on a goal to innovate your typical outside umbrella and turn it into something that you will want to take with you everywhere you go.

For the most part, outdoor umbrellas are not very flexible in terms of where you can place it. In most cases, your typical umbrella would be able to flex a bit to provide angled-shade however beyond this there isn’t much you can do with it.

As the rotation of the sun continues to move across the sky, you’ll eventually find yourself once more sitting in the sun.

This is especially true if you have a large group of people with you.

With the MorShade you are able to provide constant shade due to the fact that it has a 45-degree tilt and can turn in every direction you choose, giving you supreme flexibility in angling your umbrella to block those harsh rays of the sun.

While the above mentioned feature is amazing, what truly makes the MorShade the best outside umbrella is the fact that you can take it anywhere you want.

It doesn’t matter whether you are going for a picnic on a table or on the ground.

The MorShade will provide you with superior shade.

You can also choose to hook it up to your truck or mobile home making it truly the “take-everywhere” umbrella.

Hook it up to your RV Bumper or Hitch Receiver 

As mentioned, the MorShade umbrella is one of a kind. With the ability to hook up to the back of your pickup, camper, motor home or SUV, you can take the MorShade with you to even the most remote places and still manage to get shade.

To make this possible, the MorShade includes a special adaptor which connects to the hitch receiver.

Once the connection piece has been placed on the hitch receiver, you can insert the pole in any way you please giving you the ability to block out the rays of the sun no matter what direction its coming from.

With a 2” and a 4” option in terms of size, you can choose which one works best for your particular vehicle. It can virtually fit on any model.

With the accessory, you will be able to take the MorShade with you anywhere you’d like and manage to create shade on the fly.

Regardless of wind factor, your MorShade will stay intact as your anchor point will be your vehicle. This should excite all those outdoor enthusiasts who like to travel to remote locations and still want the benefit of omnidirectional shade.

The MorShade gives you the supreme ability to provide shade for your entire troop.

Depending on where you place it, we have seen large groups sit comfortably under one of these umbrellas.

For those who frequent the outdoors, this is definitely something you’ll want to place on your “wish list” because it truly is the best outdoor umbrella in the world.

Best Outside Umbrella for Vertical Surfaces? No Problem!

Sometimes when you go to public places you’ll find that all the good spots for shade are already taken.

Sure, you could wake up at the crack of dawn and make sure that you get the good spot, or you could surrender to the fact that you might spend an afternoon cooking in the sun; or you could get yourself a MorShade to remedy your troubles.

Most people tend to take their own umbrella with them, however if you don’t have a bench with a hole in it you’ll either be forced to lay the umbrella on its side; meaning you’ll have to literally lay down to enjoy the shade.

Other people try to anchor it into the ground yet a small gust of wind will quickly ruin your fun.

The MorShade approached this issue in a truly innovative manner.

They decided that a vertical surface is still a usable surface.

Whether there is a light pole or a tree nearby, you can use these surfaces to hold up your umbrella.

They achieve this with a nifty piece of equipment they call “The Tree Hugger”. To give you an idea of what the Tree Hugger is all about, imagine it as a giant clamp that is fastened by ratchet strips.

By securing the Tree Hugger, you instantly have a sturdy spot to place your umbrella.

Seeing that it’s light weight and all, the MorShade won’t produce too much strain on the vertical surface you use.

It truly creates a bundle of options for you making your life infinitely easier.

Keep it in place With Best Outside Umbrella!

Sometimes people don’t want to move their umbrella from location to location. For instance, if you have a patio on the outside and want to create a more “permanent” solution for your shade, the MorShade will help you there too.

Whether the surface is wood or concrete, this umbrella will be able to provide you with a more permanent solution due to the fact that it has both concrete and wooden anchors that will not move under any circumstances.

There is no need to do any construction when erecting the MorShade.

To set it up is quite quick and similarly the take-down is very fast.

This means that you will be able to keep it in your backyard as a “permanent solution”, but whenever you need to have the best outdoor umbrella go on the road with you, it is possible without hassle.

As you can see, the MorShade provides a solution for anyone, regardless of their situation.

There is a reason why people call it the best outdoor umbrella.

What about Flat Surfaces?

You won’t be able to drill holes in public property.

This means that the “permanent solution” we spoke about earlier no longer is valid for securing your umbrella. However, the MorShade also has a solution for flat surfaces of any kind.

Earlier we mentioned the Ratchet Strips that comes equipped with your MorShade.

The engineers behind this technological marvel decided to place two points on the base of the MorShade which can secure with the Ratchet Strips.

This means that even if your picnic table is flat (without a hole in the middle), you can still secure your umbrella without a problem.

Once secured, the MorShade will not move under any circumstances.

For many families, this solution is one of their favorites. How many times have you gone to the park where there is a useable “Empty bench” simply because there is no shade?

We’ve seen it time and time again.

With the MorShade, you can take up any bench, whether there are trees or not and turn it into “Shade paradise”.

As we mentioned, the MorShade provides you with ample opportunities to create shade wherever you

Forced to sit on Grass? No Problem!

There are times that we arrive late at the public park and all the tables have been taken.

Frantically you start scanning available trees but alas, those are also taken which leaves you to go sit on the grass.

But as we mentioned earlier, most umbrellas don’t fare well on the grass.

So how does the MorShade remedy this?

The MorShade comes equipped with spikes that can be anchored into the ground to keep your umbrella standing no matter what winds you may encounter.

Similar to securing a tent into the ground, the MorShade’s base includes specially designed holes to make this a possibility.

In other words, you have the ability to install your MorShade anywhere you’d like and don’t have to fear winds knocking it over.

Most people will huddle around their umbrella hoping to get shade, but with the best outdoor umbrella…all your worries are gone!

Let’s go to the beach!

When it comes to driving spikes into the grass, you’ll notice that the ground does a pretty decent trick in anchoring your umbrella.

However, this is not applicable when you go to the beach. Sand, unlike grass, isn’t the best thing for anchoring down your umbrella and typically the winds are much more active when you’re at the beach.

The MorShade approaches the anchoring problem with the same spikes, however, as I mentioned that the umbrella comes equipped with spikes…I never mentioned the actual length of the spikes.

Having four 10” spikes, you can create enough resistance when using it on the MorShade.

This is possible due to the engineering behind the MorShade.

Unlike your typical spikes, the base of the MorShade is designed in such a way that the spikes are driven into the ground at a 45-degree angle.

In other words, these spikes will increase the sturdiness of the structure due to the way it’s placed into the ground.

As mentioned, the beach typically has increased wind activity, however with the MorShade you won’t need to worry about your umbrella flying through the sky.

For those who enjoy going to the beach, this solution is the last one you’ll ever need.

No other umbrella even comes close to the sturdiness the MorShade provides, giving you superior shade throughout the day.

How Portable is the best outdoor umbrella?

While all these features are incredibly, we have to focus on the heaviness of the umbrella.

For the most part, your traditional umbrella is a lumpy mess birthed in the seventh bowel of hell.

They typically only include a bag and the umbrella pole, but there is no real way of compacting the umbrella to make it less of a hassle.

Every time I used one of my old umbrellas, it took me a good five to ten minutes to get it packed up.

The MorShade takes this into consideration and the engineers worked on making it the most portable outdoor umbrella in the world.

As opposed to only having one single bag for all the accessories, MorShade provides you with two.

One for the actual umbrella and another for all your accessories.

Thereby saving you the headache of cramming it all into one messy bag.

To pack the MorShade, you simply close it and it slides into the bag effortlessly.

The accessory bag has the ability to carry everything that is included and fits like a glove.

All in all the umbrella with all accessories comes out to roughly 22 lbs.

The people at MorShade understood that when you go outdoors, you don’t want to be struggling with the equipment as this reduces the value of the experience in a significant way.

Who wants to be struggling with gear when they are supposed to be relaxing and enjoying the view.

The people at MorShade didn’t want to just give you the best outdoor umbrella, but also the easiest and most convenient giving you a superior outdoor experience.

Shade no matter what with the best outside umbrella!

As you know, the MorShade can be tilted at a 45-degree angle and while we have been comparing traditional umbrellas to this particular one…the truth is that there is no real comparison.

The 45-degree tilt allows you to adjust your umbrella with the rotation of the sun and to do this, the tilt mechanism comes equipped with durable powder-coated steel ribs and a lock mechanism which will keep your umbrella standing no matter what!

The Morshade pole is secured by “toothed gears” which makes it nearly impossible to move.

I say nearly impossible mainly because you’d have to break it to move it. There is no wind strong enough to break it, except for hurricane winds but who’s outside when there is a hurricane around?

And even within hurricane winds, the MorShade will put up a fight!

In order to cover you from all over, the MorShade provides omnidirectional coverage through a telescopic swivel pole  In other words, you can simply twist your umbrella and rotate it in any direction you’d like.

You’ll always be able to block the rays of the sun with this majestic umbrella.

We’ve been on the search for another umbrella that can rival the sheer power of the MorShade and we’re still looking.

It is the final solution to your shade problems forever!

What is included in the Best Outside Umbrella MorShade?

The MorShade comes in two models, 180º and 360º. With an insignificant price difference between the two, most people opt in for the 360º as you simply get more bang for your money.

The difference between models comes down to sixty dollars.

Here’s a complete list of everything included in the MorShade.

 Ratchet Strap

 Four Ground Spikes

 Four Sand Anchors

 Four Wood Lag Screws

 Four Concrete Anchors

 4lb portable base

 Carry bag

 45º tilt

 Telescopic adjustable hand wrench

 Telescopic straight pole

 Telescopic 45º bent pole (Only in 360º model)

 Dual hitch accessory 2” Hitch or 4” Car Bumper (Only in 360º model)

 Tree/Post Hugger (Only in 360º model)

Notice that you have virtually everything you need to maintain shade all day long.

Everything has already been thought of and once you hold the sheer power of this umbrella, you’ll understand why people are going crazy about their MorShade.

Get your MorShade today!

We’ve been blabbering on about the MorShade however seeing that the MorShade comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, there is no reason to ‘not try’ the MorShade and find out for yourself.

This is literally a no-risk investment that can drastically change the dynamics of your outdoor activities forever.

Just head over to and get your hands on the best outdoor umbrella the world has ever seen.

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