Patio, Pool or Anchors Securely Anywhere


And a VARIETY of ANCHOR attachments – no matter where you want shade!

World’s Most Secure & All Day Shade Umbrella




What Our Customers are Saying

No more sitting around the beach on “pins and needles” worrying if the winds were going to blow away my umbrella and possibly hurt somebody. I tested the 24” sand anchors in 20-30mph winds for a few days during spring break. Was a little skeptical it would hold up, but the lightweight base used in combination with angled anchors really does the trick. People were asking me how in the world the thing was not blowing away. And I really like having a 9FT tilt. We had 4 adults in full size chairs all under plenty of shade at hottest part of day. Works as advertised. Just be ready for folks to come over and asked you questions. Lots of fun!

Beach Dude

“I was eager to get my hands on this new MORSHADE 180 Degree Portable Shade Sports Umbrella. I spend lots of time out in the field,fishing ,hunting, testing products and am always looking for a shady spot, to get out of the beating sun for a while. This product has all of the accessories to mount it almost anywhere, you might need some shade, dock ,picnic table, pool,bleachers.180 mounts to a variety of flat horizontal surfaces – wood (lag screws), concrete (anchors) , ground (using spikes)or anything flat that you can get a ratchet strap around (bleachers, picnic table, bench seat or the tailgate of a truck). It also has an insane 45 degree tilt with telescopic pole so it will provide ALL DAY SHADE no matter what direction the sun is facing. Great for youth sports like soccer or a ball field where all day shade is hard to come by. Shade material, provides UPF50+ ultraviolet protection , and is also water repellant. Umbrella is steel ribbed, powder coated and rust resistant. Umbrella tilts at 22.5* and 45*.Telescoping poles allow you to adjust, to perfect height for your comfortability. Product weighs 30# pounds and come with 2 carrying bags. All components of this product are made with quality and durability in mind. That is why I give this product my very highest recommendation for innovation,overall protection from sun and versatility in mounting . I hope this review is informative and helpful to readers.”


“This umbrella has it all! Easy to transport and set up anywhere including a deck, truck bed, table, or tree you can use this umbrella literally anywhere! The Morshade 360 is sturdy in design and made from quality materials that will provide years of enjoyment. The tilt feature ensures you will have shade no matter where you are. If you are looking for a portable and durable umbrella the Morshade 360 is it.”

Julie Boyce

“This is the most versatile umbrella we have ever owned. It has an incredible “mounting” attachment base. we currently have it on our wood deck and the ratchet strap on the base holds the umbrella firmly in place even in the worst of weather. as the sun moves through the sky we have shade from sun up to sun down with the multi adjustable angles. Base comes with all the hardware for; concrete, wood, sod, and a ratchet strap for multi use; bleachers, truck bed, a tree, endless options.. love it highly recommend!”

Eric Rank

“I go camping almost every weekend during the summer. The Morshade 360 has become one of my most valuable and useful camping accessories. We don’t always get a campsite with trees, so we mount the Morshade 360 on the picnic table for an ample amount of shade or protection from the rain. We love the versatility that this product provides. The quality of the product is also top notch. I highly recommend this for every camping enthusiast!”

Camping Enthusiest

The best buy I have made all year!!!

I live in Florida where the winds get crazy and the weather is always unpredictable. The very first weekend I used it, the winds jumped to nearly 15 MPH …. along the coast, all of the hotels and guests and other beach-goers had shut down their umbrellas. The view from the ocean? My umbrella was the ONLY one standing!!! It was just AWESOME! I do suggest a “dry run” in a wide open space before you in the sand with it …. definitely 100% recommended!

Rebecca T